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That’s not a trick headline just to get your attention!

As much as I liked using Get Response for my email marketing, I had to cancel after just three months.

Here’s what happened.

Like anyone else, I’m sometimes on the lookout for better solutions for my business.

That’s why when I heard about GetResponse having a 40% off deal on their monthly Pro Plan, I signed up.

The Pro Plan includes free unlimited webinars (awesome!) and their CRM tool.

Both are great to have if you can get them without paying a lot of extra money!

I had been looking to replace Active Campaign for a variety of reasons. (We’ll talk about that another time.)

Anyway, since I already had a list, I like to run some tests.

I wanted to test integrations with all the services I use. (including Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and various plugins and membership sites).

I wanted to test deliverability etc.

And Get Response passed with flying colors on all counts.

But there was one gotcha!

During my two months of tests, I was just sending new subscribers to GetResponse through various integrations – then using their automations and autoresponder to send messages.

But just before I finally decided to pull the plug on Active Campaign, I uncovered a major issue…

When I tried to upload my list of existing subscribers (that I exported out of Active Campaign) into GetResponse, it kept failing.

I kept getting this error message that said I needed to send my list through their “partner” list scrubbing service – which cost $$ per subscriber.

So I emailed support about it.

By now I was kind of getting pissed about it (by the way).

I kind of take that personally. I have like maybe 50 subscribers who have not bought from me. Almost all of my subs are buyers – so I’m not sure how much more valid of an email you can get than the one that comes from the payment processor. Right?

I reached out to support to get some answers. Get Response support notified me that I would need to use the list cleaning service because “…the emails I was trying to import look too much like emails already in their system”


Well, it turns out, that their automated list-checking system basically thinks these emails might be stolen…or obtained doing something fraudulent.

At least that’s how the support guy phrased it.

As you and I both know, if you are dealing in the IM space (and probably other niches too), the people who buy from me are very likely to buy from you and 10 other marketers just like us.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that since Get Response is such an IM niche autoresponder that lots of people are going to have lists made up of similar people.

I don’t know how you get around that.

Screw them. I don’t like it.

So just be warned.

This could happen to you as well.

Not saying it WILL happen – but it could.

If you decide to give GetResponse a try, then be sure to hold on to your other service for a while and test things out like I did

It’s a bummer too because I really liked the idea of having the built in webinar service…and I liked the price!

Why not just suck it up and have your email list scrubbed (verified) by a 3rd party?

It’s probably not a bad idea in certain situations…

But I don’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

My list is relatively small and I know who’s on it.

Like I said, almost all of them have bought one or more of my products.

I am most certainly NOT going to sit here and be told my list is suspicious by someone who’s never even met me or asked me a single question about it.

Of course, after I cancelled, I had to know if my list really did have a problem! Right?

I mean, it makes you start second guessing yourself when something like that happens.

So I went ahead and signed up with a couple other email providers Convertkit and SendLane.

And the first thing I tried was importing my subscriber lists.

It worked fine with both companies.

Everyone got imported. No hassles. I could start sending emails right away. Even during the trial period.

I finally moved away from Active Campaign.

I ended up going with Convertkit because their pricing is really good for the amount of subscribers you can have.

And I think ConvertKit has a really fair scale for pricing as your list grows (which Active Campaign did not).

There you go.

One more thing to check before you change email autoresponder services: Be sure you can actually import your old subscribers without having to jump through a bunch of hoops or pay extra fees.

Hopefully this saves you an extra headache!

Have you had issues migrating to a new email service? Let me know what happened in the comments!