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How to Simplify Your IM Business

What it’s like when packing for a trip:

If it doesn’t fit in the bag…

If it doesn’t fit in the van…

If it’s going to put us over the limit of checked bags…

Then something has to go.

Figuring out what to bring on a trip is mostly science (and the ‘art’ is trying to make it all fit)

Start with the essentials and if there’s room, squeeze in a few nice to haves.

What is Essential in Your IM Business?

The question is, what is truly essential for your internet business?

I’m betting you’ve already learned a lot…

You know more than you’re giving yourself credit for too, I bet.

Looking at my own hard drive, I’ve got a lot of courses and trainings.

Some I refer back to…most I don’t.

Then there are the actual software tools that I use.

So ‘essential’ would be some combination of the software tools and the most important training…

Here’s what I would pack in my virtual bag:

The Best Kind of Training to Take

Come along with me while I look through all the course and trainings I own…

Since we’re really tight on space, we have to be very selective here in what to bring.

There’s no sense in bringing training that shows us a ‘trick’ or ‘loophole’ that isn’t going to be around for long.

Take subjects like SEO and YouTube video marketing.

Besides the tricks and loopholes, the one thing all my SEO and video marketing courses teach is summed up as follows (and this is the timeless advice):

  • Helpful content is the best kind
  • keyword selection is important
  • Careful use of keywords in tags and content is important
  • Sharing on social media helps
  • Repeat and keep putting out new content following the same strategy
  • Automate social sharing where possible

The ‘tricks’ included in most training adds the one extra bullet point above of ‘where to build your backlinks’…

But the target is always moving…one month you should post your link in this Japanese forum and inter-link with your Blogger blog and then the video…the next month, you’re banned from the Japanese forum.

So I know what I can know that stands the test of time.

No need to bring any of those trainings.

NOTE: Another idea is to write your own bullet point checklist of the SEO practices you’ve learned and want to follow…a summarized checklist will surely fit in your luggage.


Ah, here’s one of those trainings I refer back to…

Sales Angles

That’s a link to one of my favorite products

See, why that one is important to me is because I tend to get stuck positioning my content and my products the same way everyone else does…

It’s like a habit and I haven’t broke it yet.

And this Sales Angles training helps me ‘break out’ and position myself and my products differently.

Plus, it’s full of good ideas.

So into the bag it goes…


There’s another type of training here on my hard drive.

This kind shows me how to do something valuable that I can turn around and use to make money.

No tricks.

No gimmicks.

I know my space is limited, so I’ll have carefully choose…

Here are a couple of examples:

How to set up websites (I prefer using WordPress)

Managing other people’s websites for monthly income

How to upgrade WordPress sites to secure https – (another service I can offer others for a fee)

Yes, yes. a couple of those are my own products!

But I hope you take my point:

There are a select few products that teach a timeless skill you can use to add value in the world.

Identify those products and pack them.

And now that we’ve packed up one bag, let’s zip it up and get ready to pack the next one…

The Best Software to Take

I would need WordPress for sure. Can’t run my business without it.

Do I need these video tools? Hmm. Let me check how much I’ve used them?

Ah, well, looks like not that much. I make videos, but frankly, I don’t use my Explaindio or similar tools. I hardly even use EasyVSL anymore.

The one video tool I need?


Love it love it love it. The paid version is soooo affordable and the video editor is excellent. Easy. Fast.


Boy did I struggle for a LONG TIME before finally deciding on a membership software.

I’ll need one of those and my choice is Product Dyno. Been with them for slightly under a year and still like them (which is more than I can say about any other).

What else?

Don’t forget the GIMP!

I am not very graphically inclined, but I do make print ads for some clients and I do it with GIMP.

Oh, don’t forget…

I use eCoverAuthority for box graphics (and nothing else). This is one I’ll have to think about – ‘cause I can always just get graphics on Fiverr and save the room in my bag.

One more thing…

Evernote. I’m not some superuser of it, but I do find it useful. I keep a lot of statistics, notes, and ideas there. So toss it in the bag.

That’s about it on the software side of things.

Now you might be wondering…

How to Do This In Real Life

We’ve gone on a sort of fictional journey through my hard drive here…

Maybe you want to cut some ‘IM baggage’ in real-life?

Well, a way to do it is by taking the stuff you want to keep and putting it into a folder on your computer.

The rest of the trainings and software that’s never used go into another folder where it can be hidden out on Dropbox (or similar).

Of course, all the non-essential stuff is still readily accessible – just open up Dropbox to get it.

But psychologically, having all that non-essential ‘stuff’ off the computer and out of sight really simplifies life.

No need to pass through all the folders and files of unused stuff on the way to what you really want.

It’s liberating.

What Products Would YOU Bring?

Let me know in the comments – I want to know!


P.S. You probably already figured it out, but some of the links in this document could be affiliate links.