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In this tutorial I show you step by step how to use Convertkit. Convertkit is an Email Marketing tool that is easy to use and has some amazing automisation possibilities that helps you to create amazing email funnels so everything will be on automatic pilot and you can sell things without taking manual actions. That is what I love about Convertkit.

With Convertkit you have amazing Opt In possibilities using Convertkit landing pages and forms.

The people that opt in trough your landingpage or form go to your list. You can assign sequences to opt in forms so that people that opt in start receiving automated emails. You can configure the time between each email and deside to not send automated emails on certain days.

You can create tags and segments so you can organize your list into different groups and send broadcast emails to those groups.

In Automations you can create triggers that causes certain actions to follow. For instance: You can create a trigger that when a subscriber clicks on a link in your email that linkclick ‘triggers’ the action that you choose. It can be an action that they will be subscribed to an email sequence about the subject of the link, or that the subscriber gets a tag which indicates that they are interested in a certain subject. I will explain this in the video.

After setting up everything Convertkit automates the whole process. Enjoy the tutorial!